FAIRFIELD (Pine Bluff, AR)

General Information

Charter Number: 12305
Website: www.fairfieldcreditunion.org

Address / Contact Information:

Street: P. O. Box 5700
City: Pine Bluff
State: AR
Zip: 71611
Phone: (870) 536-6665
Fax: (870) 536-7961
Hours of Operation: MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8:00 TO 4:00

Primary share and loan information processing vendor:

Vendor Name: Fiserv IntegraSys – Premier
Office Location: 206 Highway 81 North
Office City: Pine Bluff
Office State: AR
Office Zip: 71601

Financial Information:

Assets: 69252781
Loans: 42274008
% Share Growth: 10.54
% Loan Growth: -7.64
Loans/Assets Ratio: 61.04
Investments/Assets Ratio: 34.16
Number of Members: 8509
Number of Full-Time Employees: 26
Net Worth Ratio: 26.3**

**Includes net worth/assets ratio for natural person credit unions, or capital/assets ratio for corporate credit unions


Financial information reflects data as of December 31, 2008.

This website contains information for federally chartered credit unions, state chartered credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), and corporate credit unions. Not included are state-chartered natural person credit unions that are either uninsured, or covered by private insurance companies.

State-chartered credit unions can be identified by a number in the charter number in the 60000 and above sequence. Non-federally insured corporate credit unions are identified by a charter number in the 80000 and above sequence. All other numbers represent federally chartered credit unions.

Information about National Credit Union Administration regional offices can be found HERE
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